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Lainey Benson

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Lainey Benson feels that she was destined to paint, even if she was slow to get started. Lainey comes from an artistic family. Lainey's father was a professional musician; one of her brothers followed in his footsteps. Two other siblings are both accomplished artists, and her mother taught elementary school art. Although Lainey's career path took her into health care, she recently picked up brushes and refreshed her memory on colour theory classes from a decade ago.

"As it turned out, the urge to paint was stronger than my career ambitions," she admits. "So, after some deliberation and a sense of relief, I returned to my studio. And so for the past four years, I've been devoting much of my time to painting and I feel all the richer for it. "Part of the pleasure of painting for me is first walking through older urban areas of towns or cities and recording their charm with my camera. I am inspired by the blending of light, shapes and colours found in the street and alley scenes. I love returning to my studio with these fresh images, which I then try to capture in my paintings."

'These days, I spend a good deal of time on commissions. It gives me great pleasure listening to the stories of my customers, and then shaping those stories into paintings. Each situation is different. I work from photos, sometimes these have been sent to me, other times when it's convenient,  I take the photos myself. It is a very satisfying and thoroughly enjoyable experience.' 



 Federation of Canadian Artists: Supporting Membership
 Craft Connection, Nelson BC Your Arts Desire, Kaslo BC
Instruction and Workshops:
 Nelson Fine Art Centre 2002 / 2004

Deb Thompson Wkshp Nelson, BC 2003

Mike Svob Wkshp, Whiterock, BC 2010

Andrew McDermott, Vancouver, BC 2012 Whistler Workshop FCA 2013

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